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Here is my paragraph.

Here is my paragraph.

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We are sad to report that at the March 8, 2023, meeting Tigard Area Branch voted to disband effective April 1, 2023. It was decided that we could not see any other option for our branch. We have become a small affiliate that has had limited participation recently, including the usually popular meetings and luncheon events.

Many of you believe in the mission of AAUW and have found meaning and enjoyment in being members of AAUW. We encourage you to explore our sister branches in the area and join one or more next year.

Hillsboro-Forest Grove Branch Website
Marion Godfrey, Membership VP, mariongodfrey@yahoo.com

Gresham Area Branch Website

Lake Oswego Branch Website
Stephanie Wagner, Membership VP, Stephanie@natureed.org

Oregon Online Branch Website
Mardy Stevens, Membership VP, mardy.stevens@frontier.com

Portland Branch Website
Rachelle Joy, Membership Officer, phoenixjoy@me.com

The renewal period begins April 1st. Do not attempt to renew before then.
Here are instructions for joining/renewing at the AAUW Community Hub:
1) Go to aauw.org and click on Log In at the upper right corner.
2) Log in with your email and password.
3) Within your Personal Snapshot, click the blue RENEW button at the bottom to renew your national, state, and branch memberships.
4) If you want to join more than one branch (dual member), be sure to click all your desired branches before moving on to payment.

If online doesn’t work for you, please contact the membership officer of the branch you wish to join as listed above.